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Since the purpose of this page is to look at how racism is still alive and well on the internet, I’ll start with a few examples of instances that I found on the internet. Most of these I was able to access just by clicking from link to link- that is, my travels through the internet led me to them as I just clicked around as I usually do when on the internet- and via my Tumblr page, where some of the people who I follow reblogged some of these things (always, I am very glad to say, with many messages expressing disgust at the main content attached). For the sake of not having this page be incredibly long, the following page will host some similar findings related to homophobia.


Of course, most people who have experience with the wonderful world of the internet are aware that racist and homophobic things are everywhere, so one might question why I’m making a page dedicated to what one can easily find on his or her own. The idea here is this: while people might see racism comments, videos, and other material, and might see homophobic comments, videos, and material, how many of them make the connection that the patterns of violence- I choose to call these homophobic postings forms of violence because they are inherently detrimental to the black and homosexual communities in how they misrepresent and slander them- that they see are very similar between these two seemingly disparate issues? The similarities, which do not stop with the small amount of material I look at below, are part of the reason why I feel that members of the black community and members of the homosexual communities- and especially those who find themselves in both communities- should join together and work in solidarity toward eradicating the prejudices that oppress them.

1. Racism on Twitter:

With the rise of Twitter as a large social media platform, all kinds of people have found themselves able to communicate with others in with small messages full of hashtags- and not always positive messages. If anyone needs proof that racism is still alive in the United States today, one need look no farther than the following images, which I found on the tumblr page Life and Love in Canada:
Certainly, this example speaks for itself: while some people are somewhat more tactful in their approach, even offsetting their comment with a claim that they aren’t racist, others are more blatantly racist, using offensive slurs to make their point. I do not feel that I am wrong in suggesting that, if one is able to make racist comments directed to the president of his or her own country, that racism probably manifests in other parts of their lives, as well.

2. Racism on Youtube:

This is a video that was going around in February of this year, and that resulted in the girls in the video receiving death threats and ultimately leaving their school. I believe that this video speaks for itself in showing how far some of our society still has to come. Among the topics discussed in the video are claims that black people all take advantage of the welfare system, that they don’t use real words while speaking and sound stupid, and that they are just “niggers that are just ignorant fucks who are doing nothing with their life.”