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 Similar to how the previous page was dedicated to bringing to light how racism continues to seep through the internet, this page is dedicated to how homophobia does the same.
  1. Homophobia on TwitterAs I stumbled throughout the internet, I happened upon a page that intrigued me and horrified me all at once. This website is called NoHomophobes, and it is dedicated to showing how often every day, week, month people on Twitter use hurtful language without thinking about it, focusing particularly on the words and phrases, “faggot,” “dyke,” “so gay,” and “no homo.” The numbers are astounding- between October 20th and 26th, “faggot” was used 217,851 times, “dyke” was used 31,197 times, “so gay” 72,904 times, and “no homo” 93,967 times. If one does the math, that means that the most-used (and what I feel to be the most offensive) of them all, “faggot” was used 1,297 times per hour last week. What’s more, in addition to tracking how many times these words and phrases come up, NoHomophobe has a live feed of Tweets with these words, so one can easily see how they’re being used. Below is a screenshot of that feed:

    2. Homophobia on Youtube

    The following video is an example of how displays of homophobia make their way onto Youtube. In the video, an anti-gay man calls into a gay talk show and proceeds to equate homosexuality with pedophilia and bestiality.

    3. Homophobia in Politics

    What I find particularly disheartening is that homophobia has seeped into politics- visible politics. As an example, I am embedding the highly controversial video put out by Rick Perry earlier this year when he was still in the race to become the next president of the United States. The entire point of the ad is his denouncing homosexuality as wrong.